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Homes built between 1880 and into the late 1940’s that have not been updated usually have obsolete knob and tube wiring.

Makeshift repairs throughout the years and just plain aging increase the risk of electrical fire dramatically in homes wired with knob and tube. For these and more reasons, knob and tube wiring should be replaced by a licensed electrician as soon as possible.

Knob and Tube Wiring Facts

Knob and tube wiring has no ground wire so it can’t be used for 3-pronged appliances.

It is more hazardous than modern wiring because of its age. The wiring is more open, which make it prone to physical damage. Sometimes insulation covers the wires as well, adding to the potential hazard.

Advice for Homeowners with Knob and Tube Wiring

The best way to deal with knob and tube wiring is to replace it entirely. The next best option is to remove as much of the knob and tube wiring as possible and replace it with modern wiring. This will serve to remove as much load on the existing system as possible.

Our skilled team has many many years of experience with knob and tube installations throughout Essex County. The homes in our area are abundant with this outdated service and homeowners trust us to get the job done right. If you have knob and tube wiring in your home or business, our team will gladly evaluate the system in your home. This will help determine if the system has been installed properly, that all modifications are safe, and if the system is operating within its designed capacity.

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I recently embarked upon the project of looking to find an electrician to remove Knob and Tube Wiring from my circa-1896 home. Of the four estimates I received Greenway’s was by far the most comprehensive and detailed. Nick, the owner, spent a good deal of time examining the existing wiring and within a day had an estimate to me. We went with Greenway, and were delighted we did. The crew were prompt, efficient, polite, hard working, and conscientious. They did an outstanding job making the holes in the walls as small as possible and performing the comprehensive job in an efficient manner. The job Greenway did removing Knob and Tube Wiring was approved by the Town Inspector without a hitch. I highly recommend Greenway to anyone looking for a quality electrician. Nick is a consummate professional, delivering high quality work to his customers.

We recently bought a house in Montclair and it had knob & tube wiring. We got a few estimates from different contractors but Greenways was the most detailed one . No surprises and while Greenway was there we added additional work, the prices for the additional work were fair since the crew was already there. Very nice workers, clean, neat and the holes they made were very small which brought the price of the painters down. The project manager Lazi was rigor to make sure we finished the job by the deadline so we wouldn’t fall behind with the other contractor that needed to come back after Greenway was done. Passed all inspections without any problems and we are glad we went with them. Nowadays it is very hard to find reliable contractors. I would recommend Greenway to all my friends and family.

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“The first time I met Nick, the owner of Greenway Electric, he was working in my neighbor’s house after Hurricane Sandy. I had connected a generator to my furnace to heat the house and was worried that I hadn’t done it right. Nick was happy to take a look and help me. Since then I’ve done extensive electrical work to 3 houses and have used Greenway every time. Nick is also well-versed in lighting design and can offer suggestions for lighting options. Their work is excellent, the technicians are polite and conscientious and their prices are reasonable. I highly recommend Greenway.” –  Eileen K., Montclair, NJ