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Improve the efficiency and reliability of your business with our comprehensive commercial electrical services in New Jersey.

We service all types of businesses from Restaurants and Retail Stores to Gyms, Office Buildings and more!

Greenway Electric specializes in delivering extensive electrical services tailored to the needs of businesses and organizations of varying sizes. Our team is dedicated to providing personalized solutions to address the specific requirements of your industrial or commercial facility. Whether you require intricate electrical system installations, commercial service repair, emergency repairs, preventive maintenance, or other services, we are committed to delivering cost-effective solutions. Our approach involves assessing and configuring your electrical systems to minimize disruptions, equipment issues, and downtime, resulting in substantial operational cost savings. Feel free to contact us and one of our commercial electricians in New Jersey will gladly customize a service plan to suit your unique requirements.

Security Camera Installation

Secure your property and gain peace of mind with our security camera installation services.

Generator Installation

Ensure continuous power supply with our efficient commercial generators.

Commercial Lighting

Lighting solutions designed to meet your specific needs and create the perfect atmosphere!

Our Full List Of Commercial Electrical Services in New Jersey:

Commercial Generator Installations
Bucket Truck Service
Additions and Remodel Wiring
Panel and Circuit Installation and Wiring
Electrical Panel Upgrades
Store, Restaurant and Office Refits
Electrical Outlet Installation and Wiring
Commercial Lighting Design and Planning
Surge Protection
Exterior Light Design and Installation
Corporate and Industrial Light Installations & Wiring (including fixtures, dimmers, switches)
Outdoor and Parking Lot Lighting Installations
Power Supply Panels
LED Lighting Installation
Ceiling Fan Installation / Wiring
Code Violations Corrections
Service Calls & Troubleshooting

We are fully licensed and insured:

Commercial Generator Installations
Bucket Truck Service
Additions and Remodel Wiring
Panel and Circuit Installation and Wiring
Transparent Communication
Top Ratings on Google, Yelp, Facebook
Quality Workmanship
Dependable Service

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Commercial Electrical Services in New Jersey | What can we do for you?

From electrical designs and inspections to the final installation and fit out, Greenway provides end-to-end solutions for commercial facilities of all types. We ensure that every project is completed to the highest standards, in full accordance with electrical codes.

Commercial Electrical Repair 

Commercial structures consist of numerous interconnected components. The electrical systems play a crucial role in overseeing various functions such as lighting, security, HVAC, and data networks. Any malfunction within these systems can lead to significant disruptions in business operations and impact the financial bottom line.

Our teams possess the expertise to effectively troubleshoot and diagnose electrical issues with precision and efficiency. We are adept at identifying and resolving problems related to interior and exterior lighting, wiring, switches and outlets, commercial electrical panels, LED lighting systems, circuit breakers, fuses, as well as malfunctioning ceiling fans, among other issues.

No matter the nature of the electrical challenge you face, our skilled commercial electrical contractors leverage their extensive knowledge and resources to promptly address and resolve the issue.

Commercial Electrical Design & Installation 

Effective electrical design is crucial for the seamless operation of commercial buildings. Electricity serves as the backbone of day-to-day business activities, and any interruption can lead to financial losses and increased stress. Recognizing the significance of electricity, our team of commercial electrical contractors approaches each commercial or industrial electrical wiring design project with a commitment to delivering tailored solutions.

If you find yourself in need of retrofitting or redesigning your commercial lighting layout, our skilled electricians are prepared to bring your vision to life. We specialize in executing clean installations that not only enhance aesthetics but also ensure practical and efficient arrangements. Our expertise extends to guaranteeing the safety and compatibility of electrical outlets and circuitry.

Being an experienced electrical design contractor, we take a personalized approach, creating an electrical system design that aligns with the unique needs of your business. This includes considerations such as building size, the type and quantity of electrical equipment, the number of employees, and more.

Upon finalizing the plans, our team initiates the installation process, addressing electrical wiring, outlets, lighting, distribution systems, electrical panels, and any other necessary components. We uphold the highest standards of professionalism, ensuring compliance with stringent safety regulations and electrical codes. Our goal is to optimize the functionality of the electrical system, prioritizing the safety of your business and employees.

Commercial Electrical Upgrades

As your business undergoes growth and development, the electrical requirements may experience changes. To ensure safety and efficiency, it becomes crucial to upgrade and maintain your electrical systems. Our team of skilled electricians is dedicated to ensuring that your electrical system remains secure, operational, and aligned with the expanding demands of your business.

Commercial Electrical Maintenance

Time is money. Regular electrical maintenance is a valuable investment to maintain the seamless operation of your commercial enterprise, minimizing disruptions. Additionally, we offer electrical inspections to guarantee the safety and efficiency of your facility. Our suite of commercial electrical maintenance services encompasses comprehensive testing and inspection of essential components, including but not limited to electrical wiring, panels, circuit breakers, insulation, and more.

Here is a list with some of the areas our electricians in New Jersey specialize in:

– Electrician for retail stores;
– Electrician for restaurants;
– Electrician for gyms;
– Electrician for shopping malls;
– Electrician for offices;
– Electrician for hotels;
– Commercial generator installers;

Why Choose Us? | Top Commercial Electrical Contractors in New Jersey

Understanding the differences between commercial and residential electrical work is essential for preserving the functionality and safety of your business. Looking for commercial electrical companies near me? Choosing Greenway for your commercial electrical contractor services, guarantees that you receive expertise customized to meet your specific requirements! Here are a few reasons why we are regarded as one of the best commercial electrical companies in the area:


Count on our team to devise a solution tailored to your requirements. We have a proven track record of success in diverse settings, including high-end hotels, schools, and leisure centers. Adapting our working practices to meet the unique needs of each client is second nature to us. Moreover, in the event of on-site challenges, we possess the experience and initiative required to make necessary adjustments. Whether it involves repurposing installed fittings or revising our schedule to maintain progress, we are adept at ensuring a seamless resolution.


Your project merits top-tier expertise. Our team is composed of professionals who are well-versed and ready to address any challenges that may arise. We prioritize the continuous development of our team members by investing in ongoing training that goes beyond their practical experiences. This ensures that your project is managed by skilled professionals and executed in compliance with the latest industry standards. Our commitment to health and safety is unwavering, as evidenced by thorough equipment checks and the provision of a comprehensive Risk Assessment Method Statement (RAMS) before the commencement of each project.


Dealing with missing or incomplete paperwork can be a significant inconvenience for everyone. To alleviate this concern, we maintain comprehensive records for every project we undertake. Should you require information or updates on any aspect of our past work for you, our office team can promptly provide the details within minutes. Our reports are meticulously crafted to be clear, thorough, and tailored to meet your needs, ensuring easy and quick access to essential information. In terms of quotes, we prioritize transparency in our pricing, allowing you to understand our thought process. Additionally, whenever possible, we offer multiple options to accommodate various budgets.


You can expect top-notch service from us, regardless of the scale of your project. We have earned a solid reputation as a large electrical contractor in New Jersey. We directly employ a team of highly skilled electricians known for their expertise in multitasking and handling intricate projects. Whether it’s installing lighting fixtures while simultaneously erecting ceilings, we have the proficiency to get it done seamlessly.

Customer Testimonials

What our customers say!

As an electrical company in New Jersey with a five star reputation and friendly team of electrical experts have put us at the top of our trade. We are your neighborly electricians in New Jersey capable of handling any job, whether residential or commercial!

Based on 8 reviews
Sote S.
Sote S.
Nick was very professional from the start to finish. We did an electrical panel upgrade and everything went as expected. They left the place clean, which I appreciate a lot.
Ben G.
Ben G.
Had a punch list of home inspection items to remedy, the recommended what to fix and fixed the rest. Was on time, quick and very honest. Will be hiring again.
Laura B.
Laura B.
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Sonia R.
Sonia R.
Nick and his crew were excellent! Reliable, responsible, highly skilled, knowledgeable, neat and well-priced. They had a job that turned out to be more complicated than they thought and were extremely conscientious about making sure they only made small holes in the walls when it was absolutely necessary. (A friend had a similar job done and the crew made a much messier and more expensive job of it) They delivered what they said and were always on time and responsive to calls and questions.
Marie S.
Marie S.
Our experience with Nick and his team at Greenway was beyond incredible. They had to do a ton of work, from installing a security system to moving an electric panel. Everything was done professionally, kindly and to the T with detail. I cannot thank them enough for their work. They were truly here from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM some days making sure everything was right. Incredible guy, and will be sure to use him in the future. It's hard to find workers you can trust, but Nick and his team are the real deal. My sister is already looking forward to working with them later this year too.
Jeff M.
Jeff M.
We recently bought a house in Montclair and it had knob & tube wiring. We got a few estimates from different contractors but Greenways was the most detailed one . No surprises and while Greenway was there we added additional work, the prices for the additional work were fair since the crew was already there. Very nice workers, clean, neat and the holes they made were very small which brought the price of the painters down. The project manager Anthony was rigor to make sure we finished the job by the deadline so we wouldn't fall behind with the other contractor that needed to come back after Greenway was done. Passed all inspections without any problems and we are glad we went with them. Now days it is very hard to find reliable contractors. I would recommend Greenway to all my friends and family.
Eileen K.
Eileen K.
The first time I met Nick, the owner of Greenway Electric, he was working in my neighbor's house after Hurricane Sandy. I had connected a generator to my furnace to heat the house and was worried that I hadn't done it right. Nick was happy to take a look and help me. Since then I've done extensive electrical work to 3 houses and have used Greenway every time. Nick is also well-versed in lighting design and can offer suggestions for lighting options. Their work is excellent, the technicians are polite and conscientious and their prices are reasonable. I highly recommend Greenway.
Kenneth K.
Kenneth K.
I recently embarked upon the project of looking to find an electrician to remove Knob and Tube Wiring from my circa-1896 home. Of the four estimates I received Greenway's was by far the most comprehensive and detailed. Nick, the owner, spent a good deal of time examining the existing wiring and within a day had an estimate to me. We went with Greenway, and were delighted we did. The crew were prompt, efficient, polite, hard working, and conscientious. They did an outstanding job making the holes in the walls as small as possible and performing the comprehensive job in an efficient manner. The job Greenway did removing Knob and Tube Wiring was approved by the Town Inspector without a hitch. I highly recommend Greenway to anyone looking for a quality electrician. Nick is a consummate professional, delivering high quality work to his customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a leading electrical company in New Jersey, we are committed to providing our customers with the most reliable and comprehensive electrical services available. Whether you’re a homeowner in need of electrical repairs, a business looking for energy-efficient solutions, or someone with questions about electrical installations, our FAQs are designed to offer you quick and easy access to the information you need.

Our goal is to help you understand more about our services, the technology we use, and how we can assist you in achieving your electrical requirements efficiently and safely. In this section, you’ll find answers to common questions we receive about electrical maintenance, installation, troubleshooting, safety standards, and much more.

Commercial electrical work involves designing, installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical systems in commercial properties such as offices, shops, restaurants, and other business-related buildings. These systems are typically more complex than residential systems and require specialized knowledge to ensure they meet the specific needs of a business. It’s important to hire a professional for commercial electrical work! At Greenway, we offer the expertise and experience necessary to handle these intricate systems effectively.

The main difference lies in their application and complexity. Commercial electrical work focuses on business establishments like stores, offices, and malls. It involves standard power requirements, lighting, and climate control. Industrial electrical work, on the other hand, is used in factories, warehouses, and production facilities. It involves higher power requirements, complex machinery, and specialized systems for industrial processes. If you are looking for professional electrical contracting companies near me, choose Greenway! Our commercial electricians are known for their expertise in both commercial and industrial electrical services.

Commercial electrical systems are designed for the demands of business operations and typically involve more complex wiring, higher power capacities, and adherence to stricter safety standards compared to domestic electrical systems, which are geared towards the needs of a home. Commercial projects often require a greater understanding of different types of lighting, networking, and energy efficiency solutions.

An example of a commercial electrical installation could be the setup of a lighting system in an office building, including overhead lights, task lighting, and emergency lighting. This also includes the installation of circuit breakers, wiring, switches, and possibly smart lighting controls. For such installations, it’s essential to hire a professional for safe and efficient execution, and Greenway is well-equipped to provide these services. If you are located in New Jersey and are looking for commercial electrical services near me, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Commercial electrical wiring refers to the electrical wiring for commercial buildings that is to distribute power to lights, machines, computers, and other electrical devices. It’s designed to handle higher loads and more frequent use than residential wiring, and often includes advanced safety features and energy-efficient solutions. Remember that for commercial electrical wiring needs, it’s recommended to consult a professional.

Industrial electrical installation involves setting up electrical systems in industrial settings like factories, plants, and warehouses. This includes installing high-capacity power systems, machinery wiring, control systems, and safety mechanisms. These installations are complex and require specialized knowledge due to the high power requirements and the need for precise control of industrial processes. If you are looking for a professional contractor for industrial electrical installations, Greenway ensures safety, efficiency, and compliance with industry standards!

Electrical installations vary depending on their purpose and include residential, commercial, industrial, and outdoor electrical installations. Residential installations are for homes and include basic wiring, lighting, and appliances. Commercial installations cater to businesses and include complex lighting systems and high-powered equipment. Industrial installations are for factories and involve high-capacity systems, machine wiring, and control systems. Outdoor installations include street lighting, outdoor security systems, and power lines. For any type of electrical installation, especially commercial and industrial, hiring a commercial electrician is advisable! Looking for a commercial electrician near me? At Greenway, our technicians guarantee safe and efficient services in various areas of New Jersey!

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