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As an electrical company in New Jersey with a five star reputation and friendly team of electrical experts have put us at the top of our trade. We are your neighborly electricians in New Jersey capable of handling any job, whether residential or commercial!

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Sote S.
Sote S.
Nick was very professional from the start to finish. We did an electrical panel upgrade and everything went as expected. They left the place clean, which I appreciate a lot.
Ben G.
Ben G.
Had a punch list of home inspection items to remedy, the recommended what to fix and fixed the rest. Was on time, quick and very honest. Will be hiring again.
Laura B.
Laura B.
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Sonia R.
Sonia R.
Nick and his crew were excellent! Reliable, responsible, highly skilled, knowledgeable, neat and well-priced. They had a job that turned out to be more complicated than they thought and were extremely conscientious about making sure they only made small holes in the walls when it was absolutely necessary. (A friend had a similar job done and the crew made a much messier and more expensive job of it) They delivered what they said and were always on time and responsive to calls and questions.
Marie S.
Marie S.
Our experience with Nick and his team at Greenway was beyond incredible. They had to do a ton of work, from installing a security system to moving an electric panel. Everything was done professionally, kindly and to the T with detail. I cannot thank them enough for their work. They were truly here from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM some days making sure everything was right. Incredible guy, and will be sure to use him in the future. It's hard to find workers you can trust, but Nick and his team are the real deal. My sister is already looking forward to working with them later this year too.
Jeff M.
Jeff M.
We recently bought a house in Montclair and it had knob & tube wiring. We got a few estimates from different contractors but Greenways was the most detailed one . No surprises and while Greenway was there we added additional work, the prices for the additional work were fair since the crew was already there. Very nice workers, clean, neat and the holes they made were very small which brought the price of the painters down. The project manager Anthony was rigor to make sure we finished the job by the deadline so we wouldn't fall behind with the other contractor that needed to come back after Greenway was done. Passed all inspections without any problems and we are glad we went with them. Now days it is very hard to find reliable contractors. I would recommend Greenway to all my friends and family.
Eileen K.
Eileen K.
The first time I met Nick, the owner of Greenway Electric, he was working in my neighbor's house after Hurricane Sandy. I had connected a generator to my furnace to heat the house and was worried that I hadn't done it right. Nick was happy to take a look and help me. Since then I've done extensive electrical work to 3 houses and have used Greenway every time. Nick is also well-versed in lighting design and can offer suggestions for lighting options. Their work is excellent, the technicians are polite and conscientious and their prices are reasonable. I highly recommend Greenway.
Kenneth K.
Kenneth K.
I recently embarked upon the project of looking to find an electrician to remove Knob and Tube Wiring from my circa-1896 home. Of the four estimates I received Greenway's was by far the most comprehensive and detailed. Nick, the owner, spent a good deal of time examining the existing wiring and within a day had an estimate to me. We went with Greenway, and were delighted we did. The crew were prompt, efficient, polite, hard working, and conscientious. They did an outstanding job making the holes in the walls as small as possible and performing the comprehensive job in an efficient manner. The job Greenway did removing Knob and Tube Wiring was approved by the Town Inspector without a hitch. I highly recommend Greenway to anyone looking for a quality electrician. Nick is a consummate professional, delivering high quality work to his customers.

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New Jersey
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Residential & Commercial

Electric Generators For Home And Businesses

The absence of electricity deprives homeowners of essential amenities such as HVAC, security systems, and medical equipment. At Greenway, our commitment is to provide customers with a sense of security and uninterrupted access to power through our specialized services in whole-home generator installation. Our skilled electricians in New Jersey are dedicated to assisting you in choosing the best electric generator for your requirements and guaranteeing its safe and proper installation, ensuring that you never find yourself in the powerless darkness.

Back-Up Plan, Ongoing Electricity | Why should you get a generator for your property?

We offer tailored solutions for your home’s power needs through our comprehensive whole-home generator installation services, including options like the popular Generac standby generator. Recognizing the distinct characteristics of each residence and the diversity in electrical setups, we leverage our extensive expertise to assist you in selecting the ideal generator. Our commitment is to ensure that you stay illuminated, regardless of whether you aim to power specific areas, appliances, or your entire home.

Complete Assurance

A seamlessly installed whole-home generator guarantees the continuous operation of your entire home and electrical system. With an electric backup generator, the transition from a power outage to generator activation is nearly instantaneous, minimizing downtime, making our electrical generators for home a reliable choice.

Endless Utility

In the face of storms and electrical disruptions that can leave homeowners without power for extended periods, our Residential & Commercial Generators Installation services ensure that our whole-home systems stand resilient. Unlike portable generators, our systems can sustain your power needs indefinitely without the need for frequent refueling.

Protection for Appliances and Devices

High-tech devices are vulnerable to damage during power fluctuations. Our natural gas electric generator and home electric generator options counter this risk by seamlessly switching to generator power through an automatic transfer switch, safeguarding your valuable appliances and devices.

Enhanced Safety and Security

Power outages pose various risks, from accidents in the dark to inactive security systems. With a backup power generator, you can ensure reliable electricity, providing safety and security for you, your family, and your property.

Commercial generator installation services in New Jersey

Generator Installation in New Jersey | Our Process

At our electrical service company, we take pride in delivering exceptional services for any generator installation in New Jersey. Backed by top-notch products and transparent pricing, you can trust that you’re in capable hands. We value the principles of teamwork and professionalism, striving to provide exemplary service through our punctual and highly educated technicians, all with the goal of safeguarding your comfort. Now, let’s delve into the details of our electric generator installation process and what you can expect:

Assessment and planning

Prior to beginning the installation process, our electricians will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your location. This examination aims to pinpoint the optimal placement for the generator while identifying and addressing potential issues or obstacles. Our skilled professionals will meticulously determine the positions of electrical and gas lines on-site, assess available space for the generator, and strategically plan the placement of the transfer switch for seamless connection to your electrical system.

Taking into account local building codes and zoning regulations that may impact the installation, we ensure compliance at every step. Our seasoned contractors will collaborate with you to select an appropriately sized generator, considering factors such as the number of appliances and the intricacies of your electrical system. Subsequently, based on the assessment, we will craft a detailed installation plan outlining the project scope, timeline, and any special considerations to ensure a smooth and effective process.

Site Preparation

Once the installation plan is in place, our electricians will initiate the groundwork for the generator installation. Initially, we’ll undertake the removal of any debris or vegetation present on the site. Subsequently, our skilled experts will proceed with excavating a pad designated for the placement of the generator. The duration of this phase will be contingent upon both the size of the generator and the prevailing conditions at the site.

Generator Installation 

With the site duly prepared, our skilled professionals will work on the actual installation process. Initially, the generator will be positioned on the prepared pad, followed by the meticulous connection to both gas and electrical lines by our adept electricians. Our experienced technicians are committed to ensuring the precise execution of the installation plan, prioritizing safety throughout every step.

Following the installation, we will conduct a swift test to verify the proper functioning of the generator. This involves running it for a brief duration to confirm its seamless integration with the electrical system. Our thorough approach ensures that the entire installation process is not only completed successfully but also guarantees the reliable performance of the generator.

Transfer Switch Installation

The transfer switch plays a vital role in linking your generator to the electrical system during power outages, making it a pivotal component of the overall generator system. Our skilled electricians will meticulously establish the connection between the generator and the utility power source through the transfer switch, typically positioned in proximity to the main electrical panel. Additionally, we’ll provide clear instructions on operating the transfer switch should a power outage occur, ensuring you are well-prepared to manage the system effectively.

Testing and Inspections

Our team will conduct a thorough examination of the generator system to guarantee the delivery of high-quality work. A conclusive inspection is carried out to verify compliance with all electrical codes and confirm the proper functioning of every component. Additionally, our electricians will furnish you with any necessary paperwork or permits, ensuring that you have all the documentation required.

Why choose us? | Top Generator Installation Services in New Jersey


NJ Generator Services at our electrical firm guarantee superb quality! Our electrical firm boasts extensive expertise in the installation of generators. Our technicians excel not only in recommending the suitable generator for your needs but also possess the requisite knowledge to accurately assess the required size. With years of hands-on experience in dealing with generators, we are well-equipped to offer insightful guidance on common issues you might face and effective preventive measures. Our proficient electricians possess the precise skill set necessary to execute top-notch work for projects of any nature.

Assistance and maintenance

You’ve been browsing the web looking for “generator maintenance service near me”, but you’ve had no luck finding a reliable and affordable company? When it comes to the installation and maintenance of generators, our electricians are true professionals. Count on us to offer expert advice, continuous support, and prompt maintenance whenever the situation demands. Whether you’re uncertain about the most suitable generator for your space, facing malfunctions, or in need of generator repair and generator replacement, our technicians are consistently prepared to provide assistance.

Cost savings

While the initial investment in a generator might appear high, this valuable device comes with numerous proven advantages. Beyond enhancing the electrical efficiency of your property, a generator proves to be a cost-saving asset during power outages. For home installations, you can be confident that your food will remain preserved in the freezer. In a business setup, a generator ensures you save valuable working hours. 

Additionally, our experts are dedicated to guiding you towards the most cost-effective generator system tailored to your specific needs. Our generator installation services in New Jersey stand out as some of the most budget-friendly in the region! At Greenway, we prioritize both your electricity needs and your budget! If you’ve been searching the web for “the best NJ generator installation near me”, we guarantee top-tier services at convenient prices! 

Streamlined process

From meticulous site evaluation to concluding inspections, our electricians will manage your generator installation swiftly. We consider all aspects crucial for a proper generator setup, encompassing building codes, permits, power consumption, location, and more. With our adept generator services, you can put your worries to rest! Our experts adeptly navigate the entire process, efficiently accomplishing each task, ultimately saving you both time and money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a leading electrical company in New Jersey, we are committed to providing our customers with the most reliable and comprehensive electrical services available. Whether you’re a homeowner in need of electrical repairs, a business looking for energy-efficient solutions, or someone with questions about electrical installations, our FAQs are designed to offer you quick and easy access to the information you need.

Our goal is to help you understand more about our services, the technology we use, and how we can assist you in achieving your electrical requirements efficiently and safely. In this section, you’ll find answers to common questions we receive about electrical maintenance, installation, troubleshooting, safety standards, and much more.

The cost of installing a generator in New Jersey varies significantly, depending on factors such as the size of the generator, the type (standby or portable), and the complexity of your electrical setup. Additional factors like the need for a concrete pad, the length of gas and electrical lines, and local permit requirements also influence the cost. At Greenway, we offer a free consultation to assess your needs and provide a detailed, transparent quote, ensuring you understand all aspects of the investment.

In most cases, installing a generator in New Jersey requires planning permission or permits, especially for permanent standby generators. This is to ensure that the installation complies with local zoning laws, noise ordinances, and safety codes. Our Greenway team expertly navigates these regulations, handling all necessary permits and paperwork on your behalf for a hassle-free installation.

The installation process for generators is multi-faceted and includes site assessment, preparing a foundation (usually a concrete pad), connecting the generator to fuel and electrical systems, and installing a transfer switch. This process requires a deep understanding of electrical systems, local codes, and safety protocols. Our skilled electricians at Greenway ensure that every installation is conducted safely and efficiently, adhering to the highest standards.

The cost to install a generator hookup can vary based on the generator’s size, type, and the specifics of your electrical system. For a precise and accurate quote, our Greenway technicians can conduct an onsite assessment. This allows us to consider all relevant factors, including the necessary safety features and any additional components that might be required.

Determining the right size for a commercial generator depends on various factors, including the total power consumption of your building, the essential systems that need to run during an outage, and whether you require partial or complete building operation during a power failure. Our experts can conduct a thorough analysis of your power needs and recommend a generator that ensures your business remains operational during outages.

The running time of a commercial generator depends on its fuel capacity and efficiency. Standby generators connected to a natural gas line can run as long as the gas supply is uninterrupted. For diesel generators, the run time is limited by the fuel tank size. Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure long-term reliability, especially during prolonged use.

Securing the necessary permits for generator installation is a key part of our service at Greenway. We handle all aspects of permit acquisition and ensure that your installation adheres to all local building codes and regulations, providing peace of mind and a streamlined process.

The ideal location for generator installation varies but generally includes an outdoor area that is well-ventilated, accessible for maintenance, and safe from flooding or other environmental hazards. It should also be placed in accordance with local noise regulations and away from living spaces to minimize disturbance. Our Greenway team will help you find the optimal location that meets both safety standards and your personal preferences.

Generators can be powered by various fuels, including natural gas, propane, diesel, and, less commonly, gasoline. The choice of fuel often depends on availability, cost, and personal preference. Natural gas and propane are popular for their convenience and cleaner-burning properties, while diesel is favored for its energy density and long shelf life.

The physical size of the generator depends on its power output capacity, which is measured in kilowatts (kW). Residential generators typically range from about 7 kW to 22 kW, while commercial generators can be significantly larger. The size selection is based on the power requirements of your home or business, and our Greenway experts can guide you in choosing a generator that meets your needs without being unnecessarily large or costly.

Regular exercise of a generator is crucial for maintaining its readiness and reliability. This routine operation helps to lubricate the engine, prevent oxidation of electrical contacts, and ensure that all components are functioning properly. It also helps to identify any issues that may require maintenance. Most modern generators have an automatic exercise cycle, running themselves for a short period each week.

Generator maintenance typically includes checking and changing the oil, air filter, and spark plugs, testing the battery, ensuring proper operation of the transfer switch, and inspecting the overall condition of the unit. Regular maintenance is key to extending the life of your generator and ensuring it operates efficiently and reliably when you need it most. At Greenway, we offer comprehensive maintenance plans to keep your generator in top condition.

The frequency of generator servicing depends on its type, usage, and the manufacturer’s recommendations. Generally, a generator should be serviced at least once a year, but for units in frequent use or in critical applications, more frequent servicing may be necessary. Our Greenway maintenance plans are designed to fit the specific needs of your generator, ensuring it operates reliably and efficiently.

Servicing a generator involves several steps: checking and replacing oil and filters, inspecting and replacing spark plugs if needed, testing battery strength and charging system, ensuring all connections are secure, checking the operation of the transfer switch, and running the generator to test its full operation. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and local safety regulations. Given the complexity and safety considerations, professional servicing by qualified technicians like those at Greenway is highly recommended.

Maintenance standards for a generator include regular inspections, fluid changes, filter replacements, electrical testing, and ensuring the unit is ready for operation at all times. These standards are often outlined by the manufacturer and are designed to meet specific operational and safety requirements. Adhering to these standards is crucial for the longevity and reliability of your generator. At Greenway, our technicians are trained to uphold the highest maintenance standards.

A good size generator for a house typically ranges between 7 kW to 22 kW, depending on your power needs. To determine the appropriate size, you should calculate the total wattage of the essential appliances and systems you wish to power during an outage. Our Greenway experts can assist you in this calculation and recommend a generator that fits your specific requirements.

The size of the generator needed for a 4 bedroom house depends on the total wattage of the appliances and systems you need to power. A common range for such homes is between 12 kW to 20 kW. Factors such as whether you want to power the entire house or just essential items will influence the size needed. Greenway can help assess your needs and guide you in selecting the right generator size.

A 22kw generator is typically sufficient for most homes, capable of powering all essential systems and appliances, including air conditioning, heating, and large appliances. It’s a popular choice for homeowners seeking comprehensive coverage during power outages. However, the exact needs vary per household, and our Greenway professionals can help determine if a 22kw generator is the best fit for your specific circumstances.

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